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Thursday, 13 June 2013

“POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK” (A Reply to Dawn editorial “ PIA Peacekeepers” by Hajrah Mumtaz | 27th May, 2013)

This refers to the DAWN newspaper editorial “ PIA Peacekeepers” by hajra mumtaz. It was disheartening to read the exaggerated & envious views towards the crew members of the national flag carrier. Therefore I beg to disagree with the statement in the editorial that it was an ire (literary anger) but in fact to some extent I thought it was a presumptuous overstatement & to the average reader maybe even a schadenfreude. One has to admit that these days maligning PIA has become daily bread for our Pakistani writers and so called law abiding citizens of the country. Instead of replying or presenting intelligent arguments the writers & people stick to personality attacks (ad hominem). The typical Pakistani writer has criticized a clever decision by the crew members to the PK 709 situation, she has defamed every crew member with a profuse allegation of petty theft to add to the exaggerated criticism towards the intelligent decision instead of condoning the behavior of the expat passengers (born and raised in Britain's hooliganism culture). One must note here that around the world such unruly passenger behavior is liable for prosecution & heavy penalty in the court of law as per FAA/CAA/IATA rules & regulations. Accordingly here our Pakistani brethren (passengers, writers etc) are to blame for the incident, whom when traveling on a different airline or visiting another country are utmost law abiding citizens, while back home in a Queue or traveling on the national flag carrier they think they are above the law, they complain, make a fuss about nothing,& slander. In every family there are some black sheep, but calling the whole family black is just preposterous. Our writers should understand this because they are also a part of that Pakistani family , Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black”!
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