Sunday, 4 December 2011

THE KEY TO A TRAINER'S ROLE (crtical assesment of using too much fun in training sessions)

My assessment of the trainers at a domestic training event called "TRG learnfest 2011" held at sheraton karachi on nov 15th was the same as the views of the audience that is critical.

The element of using "TOO MUCH FUN" has i guess affected the adult learning concept. Several people in the audience that i interviewed were asking one question "WHAT WAS THE POINT OF ALL THE FUN AND WHAT HAVE WE LEARN T WITHOUT DATA?".Using the play bow affect or other immense fun techniques or humor reflected that the trainers had failed to  "analyze the audience" and thus have MADE LEARNING TOO informal. The use of one word per slide ,  using more games had no agenda or objective. 

Lets Look it some basics for trainers that was missing in TRG Learnfest 2011:

The key to the trainer's role   "control". The trainer must balance the presentation of new material, debate and discussion, sharing of relevant audience experiences, and the clock. Ironically, it seems that trainers are best able to establish control when they risk giving it up. When they shelve egos and stifle the tendency to be threatened by challenge to plans and methods, they gain the kind of facilitative control needed to effect adult learning.

The instructor has to protect minority opinion, keep disagreements civil and unheated, make connections between various opinions and ideas, and keep reminding the group of the variety of potential solutions to the problem. A skill-training task can draw much from the behavioral approach, for example, while personal growth-centered subjects seem to draw gainfully from humanistic concepts. An eclectic, rather than a single theory-based approach to developing strategies and procedures, is recommended for matching instruction to learning tasks.

All in all it is a stupendous (meaning good) effort by navitus in arranging TRG Learnfest 2011 Touche!!. Rules must also be incorporated that allow real trainers to perform, as Rs 5000 per day  is a huge investment for us the audience/learners.

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