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Sunday, 20 November 2011

"Learn To Adapt and Adapt To Change", Mohammad bin iftikhar(motivational speaker)

Take action ,implement what needs to be done now. Ensure you learn for the future too. That is the only way to stay relevant in this “'changing”' world. Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro Corporation, India as per 2003 BBC report regarded as an Indian Bill Gates, writes about the uncertainty of change in his article, "The Change the Changing World". He expresses his shock over both the quantum and suddenness of change for according to him:

"many people who were cruising along on placid waters, the wind was knocked out of their sails. The entire logic of doing business was turned on its head. Not only business, but also every aspect of human life has been impacted by the change. What lies ahead is even more dynamic and uncertain”'.

Although all his 11 lessons in the article are invaluable, the ones that are specially worth mentioning here include being alert for the first signs of change specially the gradual ones since they are ignored till it is too late. The following Lessons are worth mentioning:

1.“Being forewarned is being forearmed".
2."Anticipating change even when things are going right".
3."The biggest enemy of future success is past success".
4. "Not allowing our routines (thoughts, work) to become our comfort zones".
5."Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to manage fear without getting   paralyzed".
6."Keep Renewing Yourself to be better prepared to face change".

We have to constantly learn about people and how to interact effectively with them. Only those will succeed who have mastered the art of rapid and on-going learning. One must therefore learn to ADAPT and ADAPT To CHANGE.

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